Movers Special Mother's Day Memento

Thursday, May 2, 2019 at 12:00 PM by User
Movers Special Mother's Day Memento

The Movers are putting together a special Mother's Day Momento for all of our fans. 

Starting May 3 and lasting through May 8 any order over $75 will be eligible to receive a FREE 10-15 second personalized video shout out to someone's mother from one of the Movers. 

That's right - make it a Mover Mother's Day they'll never forget. To get you in the mood, listen to our song Mother In You or watch the video

Here's how it goes: when you order through our store and you spend $75 or more, there will be some form fields to fill out. Here's where you can tell us who it is from (that's you, the kids, etc.), who it is to (insert special mother here) and one small detail we can include (remember to make it concise). 

Then while our store sends you your Mover goodies, we'll email you the video. So, you MUST include an email address. It can be yours or a special recipient. Either way, we'll email your file and a dropbox link for you to download. 

Remember this is for a limited time only. 

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