KEEPING IT REAL: An Open Letter from the Movers

Friday, January 27, 2012 at 3:25 PM by Megan(ctrl)

We first dreamed up Imagination Movers nearly 10 years ago when we were friends living in the same neighborhood in New Orleans. On the new song "Thank You," we look back at all of our adventures and show gratitude to all the people who have supported us over the years: from the festivals who first hired us to perform to the folks at Disney Channel who gave us our big break to our wonderful fans. The amazing thing is that although we're on TV around the world, have won an Emmy Award and completed several north American concert tours, we're still just as grass roots as we were in the early days when we were brainstorming Movers in our living rooms.

On the eve our big Rock-O-Matic tour (which is going to be our best yet!), we need the support of our fans more than ever. We don't have a big concert special on TV this year to get the word out  -- and our daily show won't be featured on the new Disney Junior channel until April -- so our own PR and marketing efforts are essential to keep the Movers ... well, moving. We're asking all of our fans to help spread the word to make sure we have full theaters when we hit the road in a few months. Talk us up. Tell people how catchy our songs are. Tell 'em how rowdy our concerts can get. And tell them how we're just real guys and real dads who love to put on a show that parents and kids can enjoy together.

We love the new Rock-O-Matic CD. We think you guys will, too. Please order your copy today. And pick up a spare for that next birthday gift. You'll be the coolest parent on the block.

If you're an old fan, thanks for being there for us all these years. If you're new to the Movers, then hello and welcome. We're glad your here! Now let's get ready to rock.

Thank you,

The Movers

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11.19.2017 Hartford, CT
12.02.2017 Atlanta, GA
12.03.2017 Newberry, SC

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