Hershey Postponed and Wilmington Cancelled

Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 9:55 AM by Megan(ctrl)

The Movers are very sorry to announce that the local promoters have decided to postpone our concert scheduled for April 26 in Hershey, Pennsylvania and cancel our show scheduled for April 30 in Wilmington, Delaware. Please know that we are truly sorry for the inconvenience! Full refunds will be available in both cases.

Hershey, PA: The new fall date will be announced soon. Please hold on to your tickets as they will transfer over.

Wilmington, DE: All tickets will be automatically refunded. Special incentive for fans who purchased tickets to Wilmington to attend our May 12 show in Glenside, PA. You will receive an email dated April 23 from the Grand Theater with your discount code.

Click HERE to see the complete list of tour dates.


We're very proud of this year's show. Here's what people are saying about it:

-- "EXCELLENT! My daughter said that she would give it 133 stars. We had a marvelous time and the Movers keep you, well, moving."

-- "AMAZING! Fun, high energy, and a memory my grandson will never forget. He was dancing, jumping and smiling ear to ear. No sitting in your seat, children were in the aisles dancing!"

-- "MUST SEE! It was an incredible experience. During the show they all came out into the isles, they were giving the kids high fives, my son included! You can tell they really love their mini fans and enjoy doing what they do! The after party was just wonderful! They each gave individual attention to all the kids that asked for it and never turned down an autograph. They truly are an amazing group of guys, very genuine, sincere, humble, down to earth and really appreciate the love they get from their fans! I liked the movers before having this experience, but I hold them in an even higher place now. I will never be able to watch their show again, without reflecting on that day! Thank you Imagination Movers for everything that you do and helping to create the most amazing memories!!"

Check out the Ticketmaster page to see hundreds of similar reviews:

To the fans affected by these schedule changes, we offer our sincerest apologies and the promise that we're going to keep on reaching high and working hard and we hope you'll be there with us.

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